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In My Remains
A month has passed,
And soon will years...
I will still search for you, every night,
In a sky of million stars.
Coz I know, you will be there.

Warm tears roll down my cheeks,
As I strike out the plans from my wishlist.
Its hard to let go, what I have been awaiting for so long.
How can I erase the dreams and fantacies, I always yearned for?

The pendulum swing will go on...
Looking at you,
My broken heart will mend.
But the crack will remain,
To stumble me each time,
When I'll hear your voice.
Not to fall, not to hurt.
But to remind me of the times,
When you picked me up.

So will I stop,
As I walk down the memory lane.
To thank you for each smile you gifted,
And each pain you took away.

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