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Why are you not Successful?
Hello friends! A few days before, while talking to a friend, suddenly I realized the importance of knowing what I want to accomplish in my life and felt grateful that I know what I want to be, do or have in life. I decided to write it down so that others can be benefitted from my realization. Being quite successful in professional life, I get calls from my friends to refer them for interviews or help them find a good job. Many of us generally have such experiences.

A friend of mine called and asked me to refer him for a good job with moderate salary in any organization. He has been in many jobs before but all in different profiles. So, I enquired that what kind of job he wanted and what salary range he was looking for. He said that any kind of job with INR 10 – 15 K per month. I said okay, but asked him in which sector or what kind of job you want. He said anything, any job will serve the purpose. He just needed to earn something. Then I asked him that whether he was ready for a job of office boy at around INR 10K per month. He immediately said ‘No’! I then asked him to apply for a job of security guard. He again said ‘No’. It continued for a while in such way…I offered him something and he was saying no to it. Finally, he said, ‘Bro! I’m looking for a desk job in an office.’ Now desk jobs are also of various types. So, the same way I enquired him and found out that he was at a loss of words because of lack of fixed goal.

Through this incident, even I realized the importance of having a clear idea regarding where we are heading towards in life. I would request you all to ask yourself that whether you really know what you want in life.

Now, I request you to stop reading further without taking a pen and paper in hand. Please take a pen and paper first, then only read further.

Now, just do the following exercise. Write down the answers to the following questions within just 45 seconds from reading the last question –

1. How much money exactly you want to earn this year or in next five years?
2. What kind of lifestyle you want to have with your family?
3. How healthy you want to become in next six months?

After 45 seconds, check whether you have been able to answer the above questions. If yes, then I congratulate you for knowing what you want. If you have not been able to find answers to the questions that means this article is meant for you. So, congratulations for that too!! You are very close to discover what you want to achieve.

Knowing what you want to achieve in life is as important as knowing the name and address of a hotel that you have booked for spending your vacation in an unknown city. If you know where exactly you want to go, then you will get necessary help and guidance to reach your destination. But if you don’t know where to go, then even Google Maps or Google Earth cannot give you the direction.

For example, when you don’t know your goals in terms of your career, then you just go to office every day and wait for your boss’s order regarding what to do on a particular day. On the other hand, when you know what you want to achieve in terms of your career, you take action proactively, accomplish more and grab promotions, salary-hikes and even competitive offers from other organizations. And those who don’t have a clear goal, just keep on repeating their wishful thoughts like this – ‘If I were lucky enough like him, I would have got such opportunities’.

Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. What a wonderful definition of success has been given by Earl Nightingale! So, think about what you are doing in daily life. Are you progressing towards realization of a goal or ideal or you are just doing everyday works without knowing in which direction you are heading? The definition, in turn, is also saying that only those who set clear goals and take progressive actions become successful in life.

So, please have a clear blue-print of your life. And once you have prepared your life’s blue-print, just write it down. Now, observe your actions whether they are in alignment of what you want to accomplish. I am sure many of you are going to get different answers than what you are actually doing now. For example, some of you are really desiring to have a healthier and happier body, some of you may be looking forward to earn a certain amount of income within a certain time frame. Are you actually doing the things to accomplish what you have decided to achieve in life? If you find that the things that you have been doing and the thing that you want are not matching that means you are living a life compromising with your dreams.

Start taking small steps towards realization of you ideal or goal so that you create your life according to your blue-print. Have faith, have patience. Remember that a mansion is built brick by brick. Continue to persevere in your effort to build your dream.

Best wishes for getting clear about what you want to be, do or have in life!!

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