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Memories that cannot be forgotten
Well to begin with, I would like to thank Anannt, Kanvi, Srishti and Komal for being that amazing Cultural Secretaries that they were. Coming to the beginning of my journey at UPG, it all started with me joining Aahan 2011 PR Committee and then switching to Security in a week. Becoming Kshitij 201039s ACL with Ankita as my CL, my part in the cultural committee begun and it was truly amazing as it was my first ever fest as a part of UPG. Also by this time of the year I had made my group in class too comprising of good pals such as Moneel, Fravak, Vishu, Darshan, Nikit, Ronit, Bhakti, Vishakha and Komal above all I had proudly transferred from a first bencher to a last bencher. As I got promoted in my second year, I deeply got involved in College39s activites. Having Akshay as the Chairperson and Karan as the HOD, I started my journey in the most successful and memorable year of Aahan for me. Being appointed as the CL for Youth Festival and working unofficially for Umang, I officially became the cultural committee member and got well-versed with the whole idea of CL/ACLs as UPG won Umang 2011. With that as we got into the second half of the college39s academic year it was time for Kshitij and yes this year going there as a really strong contingent we secured the Runner39s up position which indeed was a proud moment as it was the first time in Kshitij that any SVKM college had won that position. Also this was the moment when I and Dhwani became friends as she was the ACL for Detour. And as we entered January we i.e. me, Anmol, Pranit and Elhaam did our first festival together Colosseum and lost it as we came 4th. But it was our first experience together and then we did Vaayu for the first time and won it proudly for ourselves and the college with a huge difference in points. Even participated and won Zodiac, without feeling much of competition, which was after our exams. Also this was the first and the last year in UPG that we were taken for an IV. Well then in the vacations I visited college for my sister, Ruchi39s admission and saw my photo in college39s prospectus. Such a proud moment it was indeed. Finally as college started me, Anmol, Pranit and Elhaam managed the college39s orientation. Having Dilip as the NSS secretary sounded great. So, now I was a student of TYBScIT, on the verge of graduating in a year, got my project with Fravak, Darshan and Moneel which obviously I feel is a task well done by us considering how talented we are in ITnote the sarcasm. Then, there was the moment when Pranit and I were appotinted as the CS and jt.CS of the college, respectively. Also, considering the amazingly talented TYs like the drama team, fashion show people, fine arts girls that passed out, we were lucky enough to have people such as Mitsun, Anuj, Aditya, Khushboo, Devarsh, Khyati, Aalia, Devanshi, Pritesh, Parth, Ritika, Vishal, Rajvee, Ankush, Akshay, Madhura, Virajas, Divya, Hrushit, Gauri, Harsh, Sahir, Jeet, Alis, Jinay, Jay Bhansali, Hoshang, Muskkaan and many more rise up to the challenge for us. Deciding to participate in Malhar for the first time we secured the 4th position with St.Xaviers picking up the second position39s trophy themselves it being their own festival. For the amazing showcase at Malhar credit obviously goes to Anmol, Dhwani, Elhaam and Riddhi for all the hardwork they put in. Next on the line was Umang, again in which we came 4thlets not go into the details of this one with Pranit, me, Ruchi and Dhvani as the team of CL/ACLs. Finally after consecutively losing two festivals came Youth FestivalI and Fauzia were the CLs which indeed was such a relief after all the tears that were sheded by the cultural committee after Umang and Malhar. Folk Dance team won all over Mumbai in Youth. Such a proud moment it indeed was. Later came Enigma in which UPG secured the 2nd position participating for the first time. Now, as we progress into the final term of mine in UPG College it was the month of December and we had a target of bringing 3 back to back trophies in 3 consecutive weeks before the annual day. And yes, we did achieve it, every person associated must have felt proud. Firstly, it was Vaayu 2, which UPG won twice in 1 year, as Elhaam, Dhwani and Ruchi nailed it. Later, it was Bhavans college39s festival, O2-The Fest, which we were doing for the first time. Having Yash, Riddhi and Pankaj as CL/ACLs we won that toothanks Aakash. And among the 3 consecutive festivals, last was Kshitij. Having 150 people run from the college at morning 7 and being 1st for the initial 2 days was in itself an achievement but as Kshitij ended we were the Runners up and as usual it was HR winning Kshitij. This regret of not winning Kshitij shall remain forever. Being the CL may be a little more bets by me would have changed the end result. Pranit, Dhwani and Fauzia were the ACLs. One person39s efforts in all this 3 festivals were the back bone of us winning all 3 of them. So sincerely, Anmol, thank you man. Later, UPG college won Lakshya for the second time, consecutivelyKaran, Shraddha, Ketki and Vasudha were the CL/ACLs. Well, then came our TYBScIT results and as talked about Mumbai University spoilt it for each one of us. And it was time for Aahan 2013 in the month of January which again was won by UPG college having Dev, Riddhi, Kunal and Prakash as the CL/ACLs. Later on UPG also won Vividh. Also being a part of the mentorship proogram with Sheetal was an experience to be cherished. And the RAW trip organized by Rahul and Harshal with Anmol, Yash, Dhwani and Ruchi would never be forgotten. This 3 years at UPG have been a great learning experience, some great friendship made during this 3 years, numerous crushes developed and lost, several festivals won, few lost too, laughed and cried together, night outs, lectures attended, assignments submitted, practicals performed, prelims just appeared, project made ourselves, nights spent in college, secrets shared, banners put up, tracks made, net put up, events designed, tensed as well as hilarious moments, adventrous moments, events participated in, points fought for, participants convinced, registratons done, calculations done, betting done, festivals manged, 8th floor canteen39s food, but now all that remains is memories Last, but obviously not the least I thank our Principal, Geetha Ma39am and prof. Madhu Ma39am for the amazing mentors they have been throughout my journey at UPG. And Charmi for being the GS and tolerating us. Finally, this is Jay Bhagat taking your leave, now and forever, as I feel Proud and Emotional concluding this note. PS I have tried to keep this as formal as possible for me. Sorry if I hurt anybody or said something I wasn39t suppose to. Seeing the area on the 3rd floor opposite the lift being constructed to showcase the trophies, I feel really proud.

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