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MAJOR PROJECT ON: Framework for surveillance of instant messages in instant messengers and social networking sites using data mining and ontology
Project duration: 3Months.
Software used: Tomcat
Project Description: Suspicious messages and Innumerable terror messages are sent through Instant Messengers (IM) and Social Networking Sites (SNS) which are untraced, leading to hindrance for network communications and cyber security. We propose a framework that discovers and predict such messages are put under.surveillance that identifies the type of suspected cyber threat activity by culprit along with their personnel details. Framework is developed using Ontology based information Extraction technique(OBIE),Association rule mining (ARM) a data mining technique with set of pre-defined knowledge based rules(logical),for decision making process that are learned from domain experts and past learning experiences of suspicious dataset like GTD. The experimental result obtained will aid to take prompt decision for eradicating cyber crimes.

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