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Internet of Things
One of the most widely discussed topic in colleges and organisations these days is IoTs i. e. Internet of Things. But do you know what IoT in its real sense is? IoT is one such concept or I should call it an invention of mankind which surely has the ability to change the way we humans work today. IoT is as simple as you keep it and also as complicated as you make it. So without using any technical jargons let me put forth the actual idea about IoT. It is the concept of connecting your daily use appliances like toasters, coffee machines, Refrigerators, ACs, Lamps, ceiling fans and many such devices with the internet. With the help of IoTs you are enabled to control the devices from any corner of the globe.
One of the prime reasons for IoTs to flourish so much is the smart phone revolution as I would like to call it and also the availability of Broadband Internet that too at cheap rates. In short the current times and markets are totally favourable for IoTs to gain so much popularity and wide acclaim. It is certainly going to be an important part of this technological revolution and I am pretty sure that IoTs are here to stay.
Needless to say there are a lot of technological gossips happening around about the impact IoT is going to make on our lives in various ways. In no time it is going to change the way you perceive technology, the way you work, the way you think and much more. So dear readers don't be shocked if you soon see a world totally smitten by IoTs.

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