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Kidzee Memory Match
Kidzee memory match is a great, play-anywhere game at School or traveling time that helps build memory, focus, and vocabulary. How good is a kidrsquos memory Touch any square to ldquoturn it overrdquo and see the picture, and touch another square to find a match. The child goes first by touching on cards, which automatically flip over to show the pictures on the front sides. Kid hear the picture name spoken out loud. If the two pictures match, then that kid go for the next pair up to all match founds and plays again. If they do not match, they are automatically turned facedown again. Finishing the game choosing ldquoPlayrdquo at the end of a game shuffles the puzzle for a new challenge and the opportunity to improve.This app can also be a good way for adults to stimulate memory and ldquothink fastrdquo skills.

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