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Ten Tips for Taking Online Classes for Students
The ivory towers have come crashing down and out of the rubble has arisen a new way to educate yourself - online In fact, traditional, well established colleges and universities have survived and now make many of their courses available via the internet. There is also a fast growing contingent of online-only educational institutions . Stay at Home Student Many people seek online coursework because of the usually lesser costs, the asymmetrical time framework where you can study whenever you have time, and the ability to be at home and manage your personal life, including kids, in person. Whether youre seeking continuing education in a field youre already versed in, certification to make it all official, or a full on bachelors or master degree, you can learn online. You can study now, pay later for a Diploma of Project Management by joining some institute. Here Are Ten Pro Tips for Taking Classes Online Know thyself Everyones lifestyle is different and only you know how busy you really are. So dont sign up for four complicated classes if youve got four complicated kids, and a full time job. Pace yourself, youll get there Got tech While a cyber cafe or your local library are fine for when you want a change of scenery, they just wont cut it for Base Station Student. You need your own computer for a many reasons, ranging from privacy and security to 400 a.m. cram sessions in your jammies. Home Room 101. You need to set up a study space and not just drag your laptop to which ever surface has less crap piled up on it. Students who study in the same space, and then take tests also in that space, have been shown to retain more information and score higher on exams. Do NOT disturb Taking classes online from your home often means having non-students nearby, perhaps a bit closer than is helpful. Delete distractions and no multitasking Train your family, and train yourself, that when school is in session you are mostly unavailable. Get organized Read your entire syllabus, gather or download all reading materials, note in a calendar all test dates and assignment deadlines. Take time regularly to stay organized too. Just do it. Do all the reading and all the assignments and do them early. It will lessen your stress and that of your instructor. Talk it out. Take advantage of all opportunities for interaction.You are learning for your pleasure, including the pleasure of a better job, so really get into it Ask questions Yes Dont wait until youre hopelessly lost. Instructors love to have their expertise delved into just a little bit more. Not quite yet Re-read before you hit send, because accuracy matters, spelling counts, and your temper needs tempered. Never lose your cool in school. Dont throw it out Keep a log of communications with classmates and instructors, dates when you turned in assignments, and all your notes. Back it all up, because you cant blame the dog for eating your homework here. Its digitial, dont delete

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    • Online college courses may not be exactly what you are expecting. Although online courses do help ensure that you will have enough time for your schoolwork with your already hectic lifestyle, they are not as easy as one may think. But never fear; follow these tips and you are sure to succeed!
      1.Consider asking your professor or Dean if you can take any sort of test to receive credits for a subject you already know.
      2.Evaluate yourself to find out if online learning will be beneficial for you.
      3.Make sure you have the time to devote to classwork.
      4.Let your housemates know that you are in school and that you need uninterrupted time to study.
      5.Keep in touch with your professor!
      6.Print out the syllabus for the course.
      7.Set a schedule for yourself.
      8.Be sure to use an agenda (day planner or calendar).

      9.Always post on the discussion board when you are required to.& last not least
      10.Read the course material that you are assigned.

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