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Enhancement of technologies also enhances Technic of theft. Most of the Indian population let their home alone for hours; they also ensure their security by installing a door lock or security camera etc. Here is your real time security system is ready. Stay satisfied with the project, it works in two phases. In recent trends automation is our entire wish, so this project puts on idea to establish a secured home safety system. The proposed IoT project made for dual security system to unlock the door, with the controlling of electrical appliances under explosive gas leakage. The inventory composed the unique Electronic Olfactory Sensory device integrated with deep learn of image processing, here the algorithm made better to sense the masked thief with high end IR blaster which uses the distinct facial features to split the people. This system uses the expressions, ages and face marks to captures the unique identifications of human. This is a learning algorithm with auto enrolment of images which tend to make mistakes of recognising a face and it remember the faults and improve its level of accuracy.
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