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Medical Coding Guide
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Superb Guide for Abdominal Aortogram with runoff cpt code
Amazing tips for Cpt code for Fistulogram
Breast Biopsy
Tips and Tricks for Breast biopsy CPT codes
New Breast biopsy CPT Codes with Stereotactic imaging guidance
Technique for using code 76700 for abdominal ultrasound with Doppler
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List of Chronic Diseases
Medical coding
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IR procedure
Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiogram coding
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Tips to code Urethral Catheterization Cpt Code
Paracentesis CPT code information guide for Medical coders
Tips for Cpt code 20600
Central Venous Catheter Coding Guide
Secret Tricks to code Cpt Code for catheter placement
Selective and Non-selective catheterization coding rules
V codes
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CPC exam
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August 2018
Coding tips for CPT code 20200 & 20205 (Muscle biopsy)
Coding tips for Axillary Lymph node biopsy CPT code 38505 & 38500
Best Coding tips for CPT code for Lumbar Puncture
Coding tips for Percutaneous Tracheostomy cpt code
Amazing guide for CPT code 76937 for Vascular Ultrasound Guidance
Tricks to Code Cpt code 93923
When to use Lung Perfusion and Ventilation Scan CPT codes
Superb Coding tips for Brain Imaging Studies
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Best coding tips for CPT code 78226 & 78227
Coding tips for CPT code 71045
July 2018
Coding Guide for DEXA bone density scan CPT codes
Best coding tips for CPT code 76856 and 76830
Selective Catheterization tips for CPT code 36251
List of Revised ICD 10 code for 2019
List of New ICD 10 codes for 2019
List of Deleted ICD 10 codes for 2019
Medical Coding Examples Part 1
Awesome tips to learn Cpt Code for Peripheral Angiogram
When to use CPT code 76641 and 76642 for Breast Ultrasound
Superb guide for CPT 10021
Coding guide for Anesthesia CPT code 00731
Coding guide for Bladder
New and Revised ICD 10 codes for 2019 Part 1
June 2018
Difference between Excludes 1 and Excludes 2 note in ICD 10
End of BETA Period for CCS and CCA Results from AHIMA
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Best coding tips for Burns in ICD 10
Coding guide for Hydration CPT codes 96360 and 96361

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