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GPS Based Pooling Using Android Technology
ABSTRACT With increasing convergence between different technologies like the cellular world, internet IP world, different applications have become popular and many more are under development. One of the prominent services popular amongst the users is the Location Based Services and Presence. The current location-based services out there in the market use the policy of broadcasting locations while enabling any activity between the various users. This may lead to unintended recipients being the beneficiary of certain events. With this in mind, we aim to develop an application/service that would enable selective delivery of events/messages to the intended recipients based on their location. This would help in avoiding thousands of messages being sent to unintended recipients. Thus, not only the location of the intended recipient is taken into consideration but the context of the location is also taken into consideration. In this project, we define the context of the recipient as its distance from the initiator of the event. Objectives The objectives of the Vehicle Pooling Application can be stated as follows 1. Enable users to create events that would specify the following information- The total vacancy on the vehicle. The time at which the event is going to take place. The Final destination. 2. Development of the logic that would enable- Pool in the location information of all the intended recipients. Take decision based on the context on the location. Send message to all the selected recipients and handle the accepted or rejected messages received from the recipients. 3. Generate a Google Map that shows the initiator in the map and location of all the recipients that have agreed to his pooling event and the final destination. PROBLEM STATEMENT Considering the present scenario of Vehicle Pooling application, there are a lot of problem like, 1. Time consumption. 2. Requiring a lot of before-hand planning. 3. Requiring several rounds of communications in the form of series of telephone conversations. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Android SDK 1.5 or higher Oracle framework 2.0 Eclipse Kepler JRE 1.7, Android and XML Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8 Google Maps API HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Processor RAM or QUALCOMM Processor 32 bit. RAM 2GB or More. Hard Disk Minimum 500MB. Android Smart Phone. CONCLUSION This application would help in the process of creation of instant pool events. With the advent of smart phones, this application is able for all to use and make their journeys much more enjoyable and comfortable. This application also leads people to save natural resources which are getting depleted drastically.
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