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Fashionista wont mind going out in high heels or simple down to earth flats as,her gait would defy any mismatches but; still, a little,care can do wonders. Strappy flat sandals and flip flops are a must have if a beach is counting in your list of holidays. Don't forget your swimsuit;only sandals ,won't help. Your shades and hats also need a break so take them out from the wardrobe . Sunrays are scorching bright near a beach so , if you are not planning for any water sport doesn't mean you are spared from the tanning you are going to get. Mind your sunscreens (SPF 30).Take out your most prismatic scarves, your floral hair accessories, most vibrant tops . Go for some real good tapestry lessons online. Here, you are ready to turn heads on the beach.

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