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a.Responsible for all external communication & brand building .
b.Web marketing and promotion via web SEO, PPC, e-mailer & web content.
c.Designing of brochures, Catalog, flyers, posters, standees
d.Over look media budget of in excess of 50Cr.
e.Conceptualization, implementation of creative designs & communicating external benefits through events.
f.Looking after dealers & channel distribution for all marketing activities.
g.To develop & implement procedures for identify advertising needs.
h.Advertising Roll out from for conceptualization & developments of campaigns to release and coordinating with advertising agency.
i.Work closely for release of Ads in newspaper with publications like TOI, HT & other media houses.
j.Look after the Magazine publication like Business world , India today , Forbes etc
k.Maintain OOH promotion with the OOH media houses likes Times OOH, Pioneer Hoarding, MMG, Selvel , Lintus, Atin, Discovery etc
l.Techno-commercial negotiation of agreement & contract, timely order processing and offer processing.
m.Driving synergy with the TV News Channels for commercials & was in contact with India TV, ABP news CNBC Network 18, NDTV etc
n.Advertising rollout for the Radio in buying the time slot & work with the radio houses like Mantra, radio CT, Red fm, Mirchi, Big fm, 95 fm etc.
o.Liaison with PR agencies for pr works & work closely with Corporate voice & 33pr
q.Monitoring Mechanism like daily Prospect sheet, Weekly, Monthly Review & monitoring marketing reports & following Google analytics.
r.Works in close coordination with all departments.
s.Reviewing the market response/ requirements/change and communicating the same to the management.
t.Keeping track of all the marketing activities.
u.Follow up with the vendors for the implementation of the marketing activities

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