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There is a truism to the saying, that self growth is really about self acceptance not about self improvement. This might initially seem a bit of a contradiction but it is not. If someone is able to truly accept themselves as they are, not as they think they should be, then actually they will feel a level of emotional safety and security that will allow them to heal whatever it is that is blocking them and subsequently change.

If people feel a perpetual need to change and become different in order to feel a level of self acceptance, or acceptance by other people, then life becomes a permanent treadmill that they can never get off. This treadmill will take them further away from the person they are, and will actually make it less likely they will ever really change.

People will be continually trying to become acceptable, largely on the basis of what other people think of them. Real freedom and security comes from within, and core to that is a level of unconditional self acceptance or unconditional love. Unconditional love is a phrase often used, and is worth considering as a basis for all types of self-help work.

Perhaps the most important thing to recognise is that unconditional really does mean unconditional. When applied to one's own self, this basically means being willing to accept who you are, unconditionally, whether you like it or not. Only this level of self acceptance will really free people to be able to develop a level of self-awareness, free of judgement about themselves, and subsequently be at peace with themselves and other people.

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