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Currently, I am pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from H.M.R. Institute of Technology and Management. As a student, I have a keen interest in learning, developing and researching. I believe that scientific research can lead to innovation and better implementation of every technology which can be used to benefit a large number of humans. Being a computer science and engineering student I like to research and develop projects which can help a large section of society.
In the past few years of my college, apart from learning from my college academics, I have also undertaken various training in several technologies which helped me in opening various doors of knowledge. I have done training in Machine Learning using Python from Kodding Info Pvt. Services (Microsoft Partner), Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using Python from I.I.T. Madras (Online), Introduction to Machine Learning from I.I.T. Kharagpur (Online), Core Java With Android from Revert Technology Pvt. Ltd., Cognizance, I.I.T. Roorkee, Introduction To Modern Application Development from I.I.T. Madras (Online), P.H.P. from Nucleus Computers Ltd. and Entrepreneurship Development Program from National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development.
Due to my deep interest in my field, I have developed several projects as well. And this year I also got an opportunity to represent my college in the finals of Smart India Hackathon 2019 as a team leader, where I along with my team developed a project on Sustainable Water Optimization and Management which could help millions of Indians from the coming water scarcity and depletion challenges using Artificial Intelligence. I have also developed a team project on Sentimental analyses using Natural Language Processing. In that project we analyzed various reviews of people on a certain product, service or policy by analyzing various data-sets from different social media and reviewing platforms and find the sentiments of people about them whether positive, negative or neutral and studied those results to find out what people like and what they dislike to further plan the betterment of the respective product, service or policy. I have also developed a Quiz game in a team of 2 using C++, which could help school students to improve their general awareness and various skills and have attended an International Conference on Smart Cities and Information Security held in New Delhi.
Apart from academics, I am also very active in co-curricular activities. I have served as a member of Parliament and a committee member for Home Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry in Dainik Jagran Youth Parliament 2017-18. I have also participated in Delhi International Model United Nations 2018, where I served as a delegate. I was also an official Youth Delegate in India-Venezuela Youth Dialogue 2018 and India-Czech Republic Youth Dialogue 2019 held at Embassy of Venezuela to India and Embassy of Czech Republic to India respectively. I was a Field Research Scholar and Project Head Intern at Forum For Democracy (Delhi). I have actively participated in various like group discussions, debates, street plays, stage plays etc. I won a gold medal in the Kabaddi tournament held at my college. I am also a volunteer at a Delhi based group We Mean To Clean with whom I have planted 1100+ native trees this year and worked on a lake revival project. Also, I have converted a dumping ground into a lush green park with them and am involved in various awareness drives with them. I am also a member of the National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) of my college.
My interest helps me to drive every task assigned to me with ease. I am also very good at time management and can work under pressure with strict deadlines. I also have required technical and soft skills. I also have a practical approach to what I have studied so far, which will help me learn new things more quickly. I am also very creative and have an out of the box thinking which helps me in looking at every aspect of a concept in a different way and simultaneously exploring that concept in great depths.

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