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DELEGATION.. Is the meaning really understood??
Why big companies lose their best employees This article is purely based on my personal observation and drawn conclusion. It is true that people get fascinated with big names I wonrsquot name any, however, how many people realize what is happening internally I am, offcourse, talking inside the company. I guess all, but again how many people talk this off to their Management. Well, I wonrsquot say no one, but a few in fact very few. I have a very good friend my mentor who I admire a lot because wherever I am today is because of that great human being. I will call my friend X throughout who comes from a decent Business school. He works for a very giant company, one of the well-known in the country. He had been working in the Operation department and multi skills helped him to climb the ladder with respect to Position and Department. What happened when he was in Operation He being a very strong personality grew to the top in a very short span of time being a fresher. applause. He use to do all the work which was given to his head / boss. I would say his Manager was with insufficient skills more experienced on paper ONLY and became dependent on him. More to it, his boss got an appreciation for the work done by him which was actually done by someone else none other than X, to which X didnrsquot get any appreciation in front of Management only a Tap which we call appreciation in person. So I would say Xrsquos boss was a handicapped personality without him. X had every reason to be unhappy because he didnrsquot get an opportunity to showcase all the skills and talent possessed by him which resulted into frustration. What happens next We very truly understand that people are observed in the organization. X was observed by the head of marketing team due to excellent communication and ability to think out of box. He was really worth it People were impressed and as expected he was absorbed. Guess what happened with the handicapped guy Not difficult to guess, quit was the best option with the reason ldquoBETTER PROSPECTrdquo Prospect Salary. Now what happens next X puts all the efforts to make sure the organization grows and the efforts were very successful. He had been given new responsibilities which was never ever done by him before. X found this opportunity very interesting and as expected delivered exceptionally well. He was so intense with his work that no could stop him from enjoying his each and every moment at work may be in the field with clients, in different events, in general every places he went to. Now, things started to change. Colleagues and Boss started to get scared if he would really take over everyone and this was one of the reasons he was not called in all meetings I donrsquot see any reason. X started to feel uneasy and raised voice, but still there were a few meetings he was ignored in. He worked very hard, impressing all heads around the Globe. Now something interesting happens X started to work more and more DELEGATED by the BOSS. Now one day there is an event which was held by the organization. It was something very crucial for the organization which could take the organization to the next level of success. Thinking this X started to put all the concentration into work. He worked day and night and day and nighthelliphellip However he was literally pissed because all the work was loaded to him. No other colleagues were working. People were having fun time except him. Bottom line What I personally feel is DELEGATION is an important quality of a leader, however, it does not mean to load off your responsibility to someone this is what I believe. Leader Boss Leader which is not always correct should delegate only when there is a lot of work or someone has a quality to perform or someone will benefit from the responsibility handed over. However, it is not correct to delegate because there is something you donrsquot want to do or the work is your own specified responsibility. I think there are many bosses who donrsquot know what leadership is who follow this and this could be a danger to them as well as to the organization in a long term. Employees like X are an asset to the company and should be cultivated well instead of handing them over to the competitor I meant changing jobs. Boss should act as a leader instead of being dependent and for that they need to understand the meaning of delegation. That is all I had to say. Comments and feedbacks are welcome.

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