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You call us hypocrite?
Girls are fake you say.
We like playing with your feelings you say?

I stood here and watched to see maybe what you were saying was true.
And here's what I saw.

I saw one of the strongest and hardcore girl I know breakdown, broken beyond repairs as I write when she heard the passing away of her supposed to have been prince charming.

I saw one of my sensible and bravest girl I know get drunk just so she could profess her love for her senior. She was turned down.

I saw my strongest and courageous friend go ahead with an abusive relationship just because she was blinded looking for love. But when he tried to do it, the cat she was roared like the tigress she always was.

I saw my loyal and gentlest friend being cheated on,being lied to, being mocked at.

I saw my prettiest friend being abused online in sayat, sarahah and every other anonymous link they could find.

I saw my friend never accept any friend request from guys because she knew what it would leave to, she has three hundred plus Facebook friends and what do you know, not one.

I saw my friend crushing on a guy three years and still is but to him she was a nobody.

I saw my friend fall in love because she believed not all guys were like father but all she got was a relationship she couldn't talk about, not even to her friends who she had known for more than eight years.

You got your stories to tell too along with all the trash talk you do about us to us.
Sometimes I try to justify.
Sometimes I just go along.

But today I decide to write.

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