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This day is the most precious day,coz we can be able to get to know more about the womens power through loads and loads of sessions that will occur during this day... bt the fact is there is no need of any sessions to make us know that we are special..coz we are already special so no one can be able to defeat us.. the thing which we forget the most is "LIFE IS SHORT,AND MAKE IT OURS" btwn the life of an women is not that much easy , she will not be able to live her life for her own...coz she will be engaged to do chores and all other stuffs which will be her dream world to become a best MOTHER...being a mother is also not an easy we the ladies are more successful when we stand by our own,...rising a child is a record although shinning as an icon will remain in the sands of let us shine in our own way so that our brightness makes the closed doors open to see the way we shine...make the doors unlock by ur shining ....dont make others as ur role model...coz u r playing the lead role in ur own the way Happy Womens Day to all ma wonders .....the best wonder in this world is be u and shine in the way u r...:)live ur life to the fullest as u can...:)

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