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Water, Water, Water
How precious it is for you - the single drop of water that reaches the ground? Do you spend every day few minutes to think how you fail to preserve water in its pure state? Hardly, a very few can tell, it is every one’s responsibility to do so.

Water is the basic granule of life that could turn a place rich and green or poor and yellow. Dehydration can spoil your health and make you deprived of energy that runs your life. Scarcity of water in your body mass can dry your cells, make them shrink and invite all kinds of health issues. Water is not only important for this planet Earth; it is important to every living thing in this world.

It will be my humble plea that every one who are here to spend their lives as a human being must respect every drop of water and understand the vital importance of water to every individual life in this Earth, a human being, an animal, a bird or a plant. Even a car will not run smoothly if the radiator gets heated and runs dry without water.
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