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Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Chartered Accountant
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• Consolidation of Group financial statement
• Review & preparation of standalone and consolidated financial statements
• Audit management yearly & quarterly (Internal and External)
• Budgeting & Forecasting (Cash flow and sales)
• Product costing
• Preparation of long term and short term business plans.
• Working capital management
• Implementation of Accounting Software
• Management of Project finances and other treasury functions.
• Project valuation and profitability appraisals
• Strong at managing works under extreme pressures and achieve stringent deadlines.
• Good understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) & SOCPA Standards.
• Strong at training and grooming work force.
• Excellent at communicating at all levels.
• Saudi Arabian Zakat & Tax Laws Application
• Labor Laws application.
• Familiar with SOX
• Experience about SIDF Company loans Feasibility reports and Financial Reporting.
• Experience about GOSI, SAGIA, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Finance Regulations.
• Working Experience with Saudi Aramco regulations & Systems.

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