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It was a usual Sunday evening and I was out with friends. We have been to shopping malls and visiting stores and stores, exploring each and every thing that came our way. It was an amazing time for all of us doing what we like the most ndash shopping, eating, roaming and most importantly relishing the moment. Then something happened that took all of us by surprise. On the streets of lokhandwala, I saw a boy roaming around in the market holding an open box containing key chains. He must be around 12. Since all of us noticed him, we called him and asked what exactly he is doing there. He replied that these key chains have been manufactured by his mother and he is selling them there. Then I asked about him and his family. He answered that he lives at Mohammad Ali Road and is studying in 7th standard and visits this market every weekend to sell these items and gather some money for his studies. The thing that attracted me was the fact that the boy was well versed in English and when I asked about his academics, he had a strong hold over them too. He further mentioned he got 87 in recent exams. Then we also bought some key rings from him and bid farewell to him with a lot of good wishes. There was a certain innocence on his face that I canrsquot forget. His face was saying something to me. It was telling me that life is not that kind to him that it has been to many of us. I felt like a fortunate being for whom all these things came very easy and for him, there is a struggle at every step. Suddenly I forgot all those problems that are there in my life and for whom I felt as if there canrsquot be more trouble than that. When I compared them with Abbasrsquos struggle, they stood nowhere close to it. The little boy made me realize that whatever pain we are in is less in comparison with the agony that thousands of our fellow beings on this very own earth are facing. But still there are many of us cribbing about our daily problems and stop enjoying this journey of life. For some one itrsquos the percentage of marks that is eating his life while there are others for whom relationship crisis have taken their life to the dead end and then there are people like Abbas who struggle everyday to become one among us and we feel our life is tough. Funny world, it certainly is

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