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Don’t worry Grandpa, I’ll be safe
With this festive season coming to an end, I too, like numerous others left my native land for my professional home. This home visit was a regular thing that usually takes place around 3-4 times a year. But there was something that was always there but I was not able to understand it. Whenever I used to leave my house and bid farewell to my Grandpa, he would always hug me and I would always find tears coming to his eyes. I used to think it was my absence which brought that outburst but this time I realized it was not my lsquonot being herersquo but it was rather lsquome being therersquo that was the whole concern. My Grandpa is in his early 90rsquos and has seen all the ups and downs of life in his long journey. He has gone through the unimaginable when he had to leave whatever he had in Pakistan and move to India at the time of partition. I always feel that since he has been through such difficult times, so today after so many years, he should live a life full of comforts and secured in all aspects. And the way things have shaped up has also been amazing and as such, presently he spends his days staying in his own house, chatting with neighbors watching television, reading newspapers and spending some quality time with the family. A random thought came to me that he should live a tension free life now since he has seen such tough times but still, I can always find that feel of worry in him. He is so proud of all of us yet he is scared all the while. He spends his time watching news of how corrupt our government is. He listens on radio how an innocent girl has paid the price for her beauty through her life. He reads in the newspaper how unsecure a place the same India has become where he once came in search of a peaceful life. Every time I leave home, I assure him that Irsquoll be safe but the present scenario wonrsquot let him believe that. He makes sure that he prays for me every day and always feels that anxiety whenever some such news comes. Every day he thinks about Nirbhaya and feels sad for the brave girl and prays that such a thing shouldnrsquot happen to his family. I donrsquot know whether the desired change will come or not. Irsquom not sure whether Nirbhaya will find her justice or not. But I do have hope of living in a better India ndash a safe place for all of us free from all the evil elements but till then, I will be making sure that grandpa will be free of those fears by telling him,rdquo Donrsquot worry Grandpa, Irsquoll be safe.rdquo

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