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My name is Karan Singh. I had completed my Gradution in from Punjab Technical University in CSE branch on 2012 having 74.5 marks. I completed my schooling from Ludlow Castle no. 1 kashmere gate Delhi. Its being 2 years that I had passed my graduation but still didnt got any job, the reason is I wanted to start my job from a high profile company. In starting days I thought that I will got job easily as I know I am good in .net and was able to make websites. In college time I submitted two project websites and both were appreciated a lot. But when I came to industry I came to know that its not that easy to get the job as I thought to be. You need experience to work. After getting a lot of failures I got frustrated, then one day I got a call and when I went for interview I got to know that the company does the work of making members. I dont getting what to do so I just joined the company, but a little later I came to know that its just a trap. All you need to do is to make more and more calls to make members. This is the way of your earning there. There I met with guy who suggested me to make a website for him. I got happy and completed whole website alone in 2 months and we launched that website by the name of DEZIREJOB.COM. But then again I didnt get anything. Then I get joined a bank backend process. They trained me for 1 week and after one week I start working more efficiently then there older employee. I used to come to office sharp 930 and perform my work best to my skills. My team leader as well as owner also very happy but because of low payment my parents didnt let me do that job and I quit. While quitting my owner and team leader told me its really feeling bad to loose an employee like you. They offered me a salary of 12000 but I didnt stays there. At that point I was too away from my website development work that when I went for another interview, they reject me saying that, they want the candidate who knows .net 2010. From the time I am just unemployed. I know I do have potential and if I got a little stand I can do what other just thought to do. But the only problem I face is a chance. I was known as the best person in my class, and the students who learn from me are doing jobs on high standard. They didnt even know how to write a mail at the time we completed out graduation but now they are in MNC because they got a start up. I am not complaining, of-course they have links and they used them, and students who dont have still wasting there talents and working capability. I am here to get that startup and I hope I will get that and will prove myself on one chance I get.

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