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Am I Changed ??  (Sparing some time with my own.....)
From past few days I have been thinking, that I have changed.Either it is natural or an effect of my surroundings.Always,there used to be a picture of life in my mind, where everything seemed to be phillosophical.I examined a part of my mind, from where every question of mine used to be answered. But since two three months, atmosphere arround me is having a faster pace.Bonding between hearts seems less compared to that of minds arround. I feel constrained to do the things,that my heart doesn39t want,and this thing is an origination of the mind.Doing some things is just a compulsion.Practicality has taken its place somehow. Primary priorities have become secondary and secondary have become primary.I miss those moments, where a thought touching the mind used to give birth to a poem,where a tune emerges out of the affecting moments that touches the heart. Sparing some time with my own out of the bustle things made me thought all so.I am not in an uneasiness with this change,or feeling sad but I just miss that lonliness where the heart always has its win over the mind

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