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Satellite communication is one of the most interesting subject, that to it is handling by HOD sir. Today also all things are going normally ,but some words make us thinkable.The conversation is started between sir lecture and my thoughts while he teaching. sirTo day i want to make a realization to you. meAbout what sirThat thing about your hand partner. mepartner sirThat about your mobile. mesomething interesting. sirEvery one has mobile right, I want to tell some secrets about that . Your thinking like you have an advanced electronic device in your hands, but you dont know which going to decrease your life time .The radiations are going in to our body ,once imagine how its effect. meoh my god its true but how can we avoid it sirWe are using technology but we are not thinking about our health. meSir said right,which injurious to health .The technology is improving day by day so many many deceases evaluating,but no one thinking about this ,all are imagining we are giving advanced technologies to our next generation but we are giving life threatening also.
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