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ASP Dot Net, HTML, Visual Basic
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Fresher MCA - (Java,JSP,VB ) - Programmer
Academic Details Master of Computer Application MCA, Sri Sairam Engineering College with an aggregate of 79.60. BCA from Srm Arts and Science College with an aggregate of 58.80. HSC Computer Science, 63.80 from Muthialpet Higher Secondary School Main. SSLC, 75.00 from Muthialpet Higher Secondary School Main. Skill Set Programming Language C, C, Visual Basic.NET and Java. Web Development JSP, Spring Framework, HTML Operating System Windows XP. DBMS Oracle, My SQL. Area of Interest Object Oriented Programming Concepts Database Management Systems. Professional Traits Willingness to work in team as well as an individual. Ability to deal with people dramatically. Disciplined and Good etiquette. Projects / Internships Project 1 Attendance Management System Platform VB 6.0 Database Oracle The System has much functionality that provides easiest way to record attendance data. End user should specify only the absentees, so that we can save time. System provides year wise, month wise, academic wise reports with all the details. Attendance Lacked students reports also provided by the system. Project 2 City Administration. Platform JSP, spring Java Database My SQL This System used for public acts, that citizens can post their complaints by using their own ID. Each Administrator of Cities can Login to the System and check the complaints posted by all citizens. Public Users are restricted to check other area posts and they cant modify others Complaints. Project3 Slow Adaptive OFDMA System Platform Asp.Net, C The System used to replace Fast Adaptive System and speedup data transaction speed, reduce transaction time. In current generation every organization uses sharing network so data rate will not be constant. So we need system that adapt to the receiver capability, found this new system. This system now only concentrate on reducing transaction time, it also considers to reduce signaling overheads and competency overheads. Co-Curricular Activities Won 1st Prize in SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT conducted by GKM COLLEGE OF ENGG TECHBOLOGY, CHENNAI. Awarded 1st Place in PAPER PRESENTATION in the topic ldquoZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYrdquo conducted by DMI COLLEGE OF ENGG, CH. Awarded 1st place for DEBUGGING conducted by LOYOLA COLLEGE, CHENNAI.

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