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professor Roma chatterji on 4th October was invited to Bharati College so as to discuss and give the special lecture about religion a sacred iconography
She started the seminar with the term symbolism wherein she asked us about the meaning of symbolism then she explained to us about the fact that anything can be a cosmos provided we have some emotional attachment to it. For example a triangle for us is something which is normal but for the priest in monasteries it is something of an icon.
She proceeded to ask us about the difference between icon and idol, well an icon is something which we attach a trusting value and emotion to. While an idol is something which we don’t attach these it is simply a form or formless thing maybe made of clay. Thus goes one of the example when one has attachment to the idol of Vishnu she / he would go to the idol to pray or do meditate etc while for the person who don’t have any emotion attached to the idol it is just a model made of clay. Wherein now we can see mainly two form of icons which comes into play i.e. one where we can see the god like kali in different forms for example in the form of shying bride or daughter or a fierce goddess while the second way which has now come up is leaders or living people becoming in the form of idols which is prominent in the temples named after the famous actor leaders etc. Earlier i.e. only the elite group was given patrons and while it only showed their prestige which is even now relevant in pooja and all like the recent Durga pooja. Now as I mention the Durga pooja there are many artist who make the idols wherein they attach their emotion to these idols likewise the idol or decorations have mainly the social issue based themes too, with the money put in by political leaders even it not for political reasons.
The flower draped around the goddess Durga make us to call as banana bride as she is ferocious goddess who is called by lord ram three days before the war of Ramayana. As the water and she comes from the coconut likewise we send her back in the same way.
Thus to conclude everyone has the emotional value to the idols. Which becomes icon for us something might be stupid like the taller height of goddess but not for them.

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