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Truelifengo is an independent NGO established from scratch to help the needy and the underprivileged section of our Indian society. It was first started with a few persons or a group of friends and colleagues who wanted to do something for the poor. Unusually, we started with collecting old and discarded woollen clothes from all our contacts and then distributed them to the needy and the poor people sleeping on the roadside on chilly nights. It didn't cost a lot but a little bit of our time saved many unfortunate ones.
Nowadays, traffic in Delhi has crossed the limit and some careless people drive recklessly and in drunken state. They don't realize that their one wrong step and carelessness can take a life or many lives completely. Hospitals are flooded with road accident victims some of whom are brought dead even before the family members know and contacted, and others struggle for their lives to be saved by getting a drop of blood due to excess blood loss. Their relatives and family members could not even see their dear ones taking their last breath. Now it is high time to come forward and join us to save lives from road accidents. If we join hands, we can save several lives by donating a few drops of our blood. A single donor's blood can save three lives at a time. Our small step will give smiles to many unfortunate ones.
There is a myth that if we donate blood, we will be anaemic, or will have loss of blood or feel weak. To be very honest, this is not true. Our body forms blood constantly, so if we donate blood, it is made within a week as our red blood cells make it gradually. This is a natural process. Blood can be donated after every 8 weeks, say two months. Donating blood is just a part of routine life. After donating blood, a person can go back to his work and normal routine as usual. We assure you that not a single drop of your blood will get futile. So let's come forward and join hands to make someone happy and spread smile.

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