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Why Facebook is more important than Google now
If Google would disappear off the face of the earth tomorrow:

I will use Bing for search.

I will use my Yahoo Mail or Outlook.com for email.

My company email also depends on GMail but I guess we can just revert to hosting our mailboxes with our web host

YouTube will certainly be missed but there will still be Vimeo, DailyMotion and others to keep me entertained.

I will NOT MISS Google+ at all. What was it for exactly?

I will have to look for a Google Analytics replacement. That would be a headache but I guess I will find some basic stuff to use.

I will no longer get checks from Google Adsense on this blog. But the amounts have become so low since I stopped blogging intensively that it will not really affect my income.

My Nexus S will be kind of frozen in time (no more App updates, and certainly no GMail). But that would not be the end of the world.

I would have to find a replacement to sync calendars across Mac and phone and iPad. But iCloud is there. So iPad/Mac problem is already solved.

But if Facebook disappears:

First of all, I would panic as I don’t have a “rolodex” with the names and contacts of all my friends and close acquaintances. Irreplaceable. (or I will have to sift through my Mac’s address book and create a “friends” group and also get the contacts of quite a number of people whose email and phone numbers I don’t have but with who I interact on Facebook).

I would lose tons of personal thoughts and memories accumulated over years. Irreplaceable.

I would lose my main source of local news. I guess Twitter can replace that to a certain extent.

I would lose access to several important groups and pages where I am active, engaged and connected to virtual communities. Irreplaceable.

I would lose touch with the stream of personal news of my friends abroad. Irreplaceable.

I would lose the daily interesting conversations that happen between me and my friends and sometimes strangers around important or unimportant subjects. Irreplaceable.

I would lose a very important messaging platform that is starting to replace my email. Could be replaced.

By and large, Facebook is irreplaceable. The fact that it has enmeshed itself so effectively into my life and a billion other lives, and that is basically a platform powered by humans makes it irreplaceable.

I don’t invest in stocks. But if I were to make a bet on one of the two companies as an investment I would put my money on Facebook

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