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Drip Irrigation Using Cloud Computing(based on IoT)
Agriculture uses 85% of available freshwater resources worldwide and this percentage will continue to be dominant in water consumption because of population growth and increased food demand. In India, agriculture primarily depends on the monsoon, which is not a sufficient source of water. So irrigation is employed in the agriculture area. This project targets to offer a cloud computing based drip irrigation system to aid the farmers. The system uses a microcontroller, sensors and a cloud server to provide real-time updates of the field over a Wi-Fi network. The system can be monitored by the user on an application. The sensors used are for moisture content, temperature of the field and a water level indicator for the tank. This project helps the farmers to irrigate the farmland in an efficient manner with automated irrigation system. The data from the sensors are updated to the server or localhost. Arduino software is used for coding the microcontroller. The continuous monitoring of the soil conditions helps in regulating water supply and conserves water up to a large extent by providing automatic and manual modes of irrigation.

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