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Programming:What is Java? Why do we need Java?
Java is high level programming language and it is best than others languages. Java contains some features of c++ and some syntax of c. Java is called as pure object oriented programmimg language because all code based on the classes and object, even main() is also included in class.Java is very popular language for web development. It is called as Compile once, run anywhere, i.e. java code compile on one machine , can be interpreted on another machine or system. It is independent language. It can be considered as secure language, because when we download a remote applet by browser and run on our system , so no any risk or virus can be occured. Compiler and Interpreter both are used for run java programs.Compile can convert source code in byte code (byte code is different from machine code)and make .class file and Interpreter can convert byte code into a machine code and make .exe file.

If you have good knowledge of c as well as cpp, you can feel easy to learn it.

Java developed firstly for only electronic device by james gosling and his team members in 1995 with first model JDK Alpha and Beta. It can be used for web development.


Java is also language as like other computer language but it has some different aspects:

1.Java is platform independent language. It can be compiled on one system and
run on another system. we don’t need it compile again and again.

2.Java is secured language , so it can be mostly used for interent and web development,Applications development.

3.It has removed some concept of c and cpp. It is fully oops language so over all things can be included in class and it has removed multiple inheritance concept and it doesn’t allow operator overloading.

4.Java can allocate memory and deallocate it automatically.

5.Java has Multiple packages, they include many classes and in which many and more functions.

6.It provides multiple threading facility so that we can multiple work in parallel.

7.It provides remote applet(that can be downloaded by internet) and local applet(user can make his own applet).
8.It’s program can not take more time for execution so it is high performance language.

The last version of java can be developed at 18 march,2014 -JAVA SE 8.0.

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