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View of continues with change of sharing data, investment in a multi-proprietor path to an un trusted cloud is still a testing issue. I propose a safe multi-proprietor data sharing arrangement, for dynamic(continuously changing ) group in the cloud. By giving social affair mark and component show encryption methods, any cloud customer can protectively confer data to others. By then a meanwhile, the limit overhead and encryption count cost of the arrangement are free with the amount of denied customers. In other hand, we explore the security of this arrangement with intensive confirmations. OTP is one of the least complex and most prevalent types of confirmation that can be utilized for securing access to accounts. OTP are regularly alluded to as a safe and more grounded types of confirmation, and tolerating them to introduce over different machines. We give a numerous levels of security to share information among multi-proprietor process. Initially the client chooses the pre-chosen picture to login. At that point chooses a picture from the matrix of pictures. By utilizing this the OTP is produced consequently and sent to comparing email account.

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