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What does it take to be a marketing champion?
The problem with the current marketers i.e. myself included that we quite easily lose track of the goals that we set due to peer pressure, departmental requirements changes or just inter-departmental competition. We get lost in trying to please others. We lose track of the marketing fundamentals. See, marketing is not an overnight job. What is done overnight is also lost the other day. Marketing is more like a job that is done so that it could like stay forever.

If marketers are allowed to focus and not run after numbers like sales then I am sure that they can keep their heads down and come up with strategies that are worth the share and any platform. People don't remember you for the numbers as there will be someone down the line who will do better but they will remember you for your visibility and people connect.

It may so be possible that there may be someone who comes along post your time whose campaign might do better than your's but it may not have been possible without the kind of visibility that you bought to the platform and the brand. People may say a lot of things but they will and shall always remember the champions who walked among them.

The job of a marketer is to keep checking the pulse of the market and once they are sure than to hammer the campaign so well that it should leave an everlasting impact on the minds of the user.

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