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Nostalgia - Time moves on , but memories remain...
Miss the rain The fragrance of fresh Earth as she awakens to the touch of rain... The awakening of plants and trees, their thirst quenched, their foliage bright- like the transformation of a new Hindu Bride to the first touch of sindoor to her forehead... Nature awakens to all her glory- adorned in her magnificent jewelry, rising from a deep slumber, breathtakingly beautiful to all who stop to take on the Magic. What heavenly pleasure it is , to sit on the veranda or window sill , with a hot cup of coffee, some old songs or the dearest of friends and family, just enjoying the moment, feeling alive and being one with the spirit of the Universe. The deep calm and peace that pervades the soul and the smile that creeps to our lips... Although I must say, such threats are fast disappearing. When it rains in the City, it stinks of soggy garbage and broken drains and humidity rising from the smoke filled air of the claustrophobic streets. But in the quiet recesses far away from the hustle and bustle, away from the swarming commuters and cement jungles , in small towns and villages and peaceful scenic places unblemished by modern civilization39s victories , some part of the fulfillment of that dream lingers... The rain still kisses the Earth with reverence and wakes her up, the scent of fresh earth wafting in the air, alluring the senses to deepest awakening, the green trees, the light breeze playing with your hair, placing teasing yet gentle kisses on your face with loving care... SIGH At such moments I breathe in as much as I can of this pleasant mix which brings along with it beautiful memories of childhood, days growing up, the laughs shared with the most beloved, of people we love and miss or are happy to still have around you to cherish, to celebrate Love and the magic of being alive... I breathe it all in, with the childish hope to retain within me some of its enigmatic charm. I think I succeeded because , still when I think about it, I can almost sense it again... The coming of Rain....

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