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Dear Sir(s),

I am a Senior Management Professional with Graduate Degree in Mechanical engineering , Post graduate Course in Tool Design, Master's degree in Business Administration and with about 28 years ( 5 and 1/2 years in Nigeria,West Africa ) of techno managerial experience in all stages of operations and management of engineering concerns with the following
COMPETENCIES Operations Management; Management Control; QMS; LEAN; JIT; Vendor Development and Management; Project Management; Proper Material Handling and Loss Prevention; Business Development; EHS Management; Ethical Management ; Interaction with Sales and Marketing ,Project Management, Design, HR and Admin, Finance etc.; Training and Skill Development ; Discipline and House Keeping ; Working under Pressure and Handling Large Work force with Ease and Efficiently ; Communication and Interpersonal Management; Conflict Management; Change Management; Performance Management ;Profit and loss management. & CORE COMPETENCIES Development and Production of Dies and Moulds, Sheet metal, injection moulded , die-cast and machined parts and it’s assemblies ;Special processes like Painting, Powder coating, Puff filling; Technology transfer; Delivery of Right Products and services of Right Quality at Right Time and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction; Product and Process Development; Continuous Improvement and Cost Reduction; Team Building ; Setting and Achievement of Goals; Start up and Turn around ; Multi cultural operations; Dynamism with Self Motivation and Positive Approach.
Please find the attached file ’GOPALAKRISHNA RAO’ for my resume, which will brief about my back ground. Armed with multitude of competencies and work experiences, I am confident to carry forward organization’s vision and objectives with sufficient ease and dedication towards my job responsibility.

A call for a personal discussion to know more about my background, may not disappoint you.

Looking forward for a positive response.

Thanks and regards,
Y.Gopalakrishna Rao.

Mob: +91 99899 74443

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