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Script Tutorial -1 Opening Montage. Music In Music Out Anchor Hello friends, welcome to your very own R K Uncle ki class And I am your host and dost Friends have you ever thought how the skin of these film stars looks flawless onscreen every time. without any mark or even a pimple but on the other hand media whenever covers them off makeup they have marks like any average person also has. agreed make up does work wonder but have you really thought what is actually making up their face look so glamorous.hmmmm wana know where this magic is done To chalo mere sath R.K uncle ki class mein, where you can know all about this magic. Anchor Hello and welcome R.K Sir, its always nice to be around you as I know till the time you are there I can never look ugly atleast not onscreen smiles R.K Sir but as far as i can see you wont require my skills anytime soon. Anchor ohh Thankss for the compliment sir. But still everyone has their bad days so what if I get some pimple on my face and get my photo clicked with it.. R.K Sir hmmm that can happen with every other girl on earth.. and do you really think all these movie stars are glowing 24X7, well, thats not feasible atleast not with this much pollution around us Anchor which is why I have come to you Rk Sir R.K.Sir okay then today we will see how one can completely hide their unwanted marks. Anchor oh great sir Rk Sir So, let the Magic begin Graphics In R k sir voice over On your screen, you can now see a photograph of a girl who has a few spots on her face. Like here and here use hand tool Graphics out Anchor my skin too gets similar kind of spots sometimes RK sir Then this is all the more important class for you Anchor ofcourse sir Graphics In Rk Sir voice over Well, the amount of work you will have to do completely depend on how bad are the spots. The girl in this photo do not have quite a lot of spots so, it shouldnt take us too long. voice over Step 1Now First of all select, Healing Brush tool from here explain using the hand tool voice over Step 2 Do not forget to keep Type as proximity match like in here also keep your mode to normal and make sure that in sample layer its all layers selected before you start the work. voice over Step 3 Now, what I wana do first is to create a new layer in my layer palette, so that all the modification is done to this layer here which we can name as no marks Anchor voice over is it important to work in a separate layer sir RK Sir working this way basically helps in keeping our modifications in a separate layer which eventually helps in the later stages and is considered better way of working. Voice over Step 4 okay, Now we will just zoom the picture a bit for better view, alright now we can press ALTclick on the area that has similar tone to the affected area and then we can just brush away the spotexplaining with the help of hand tool. Voice over while removing spots simultaneously Okay, now its just a matter of time. Resample things before making any modifications. Take sample from similar area but avoid using exact things all over the face. Voice over Now, as soon as you start getting close to areas like these nose area, pay more attention and even better if you reduce the size of your brush and zoom in. Okay now, we are pretty much done with this part Hmmmm, here is a small spot on the forehead too which needs to be removed okay done with this too. Its really important to make the skin look as smooth as possible. AnchorVoice over Sir, can remove any kind of scar the similar way from any visible part of the body Rk Sir Absolutely Name of the anchor you can remove all kinds of scars, bruises even a tattoo which you do not want others to see. Anchor voice over ohhh thats a real nice technique. RK Sir okayyyy now as you can see, its almost done and the spots are all gone and now we can see the big difference in what it was and what it is now. Graphics In Anchor arey waahhh itna difference. RK sir ab to mein kabhe kahe nae jaane dungi arey after all you are my secret to maintain my beauty and all you people out there now just forget all about your marks or pimples and just look flawless in every pic of yours. Try this amazing technique on your pictures and look glamorous. Thanks a lot RK sir for sharing this beauty secret with us. Rk Sir pleasure was all mine smiles Anchor so friends I will now take your leave but will soon be back with our very own Rk uncle ki class. Till then, beautify yourself and have fun.

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