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Make In India
The worldwide electronics industry is the most flourishing and extremely diversified sector consisting of numerous electronics company, electronics engineers, scientists and researchers. This sector has been growing at a rapid pace with human friendly innovations, inventions and technology trends. Moreover, an ever-increasing customer inclination towards electronics products and services is driving electronic companies to come up with better innovations and inventions. With this idea the government is pushing local manufacturing with initiatives like ‘Make in India’, Smart cities and ‘Digital India’. The industry expects the country to reduce its dependence on electronics imports by almost 15 percentage points to around 50 per cent by fiscal 2016-17.
In the words of our Hon’ble Prime Minister, India offers the 3 'Ds' for business to thrive— democracy, demography and demand. Add to that a tech-savvy and educated population, skilled labor, robust legal and IPR regime, and a strong commitment to calibrated liberalization — India is a destination that German investors cannot overlook. India's manufacturing sector has evolved through several phases - from the initial industrialization and the license raj to liberalization and the current phase of global competitiveness. Today, Indian manufacturing companies in several sectors are targeting global markets and are becoming formidable global competitors. Many are already amongst the most competitive in their sectors.
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