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FAILURE and SUCCESS,are the two most known friends in everyone of our lives.These two are really the good friends who will always be with us(either SUCCESS or FAILURE).Now let us know each of our friends in detail.

First let us start with our terrifying friend ‘FAILURE’,you know FAILURE-First Attempt In Learning Under Right Expert.

And at this time we should know about the Giraffes,yes! when the mother giraffe got her new born baby,the mother giraffe hits the baby giraffe to make it stand on its own feet.

Here the baby giraffe gets number of hits from the mother,even the failure in our life is like the mother giraffe which hits us several times until we meet our another friend ‘SUCCESS’.

Failure teaches us many lessons i.e wisdom is disguised inside the face of failure.

Now let us know about our another friend ‘SUCCESS’,SUCCESS-Securing Understandability Courage Compassion Esteem Self confidence and Self acceptance.

This is the friend, we wanted to be with us.You know he will only accept our friend request when we are being accepted by his best friend FAILURE.This even goes right in our real life friendship right!

Then let us know what we have to do in order to be accepted by FAILURE,he always wants the people who-set goals,understand obstacles,create a positive mental picture,clear the mind from self doubt,embrace the change,stay on track,show the world we can do it,then only there is a chance to be the friend of SUCCESS.

Now it’s our time to start making a friend request for these friends.In process of friend request we may be rejected several times,remember that he is our FAILURE friend who is rejecting us to make us stand proudly in front of his friend SUCCESS.

And failure is the only opportunity to begin again,this time more wisely.So let us be ready to take the hits from our friend ‘FAILURE’, until we meet our friend ‘SUCCESS’ .Remember that ‘No great success was ever achieved without failure’.


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