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A next generation people search platform that offers lsquopre-assessedrsquo talent communities for companies to engage and contact. With over 500,000 tested users 7000 employers in just 1.5 years of starting, Youth4Work enables individuals showcase their talent skills, and are then tested and scored vis-agrave-vis thousands of others. These pre-assessed profiles are then made available to companies for engaging and communicating about their brand or hiring more efficiently and quickly. Recently, Youth4work has raised 0.5 million in bridge capital from Aurum Equity Partners, Global Asia Partners, and UKbased angel investor Dan Sandhu. Youth4work is addressing the pain and building a talent marketplace. He believes that the potential of youth is still untapped and he is determined to prove what this potential holds and so he founded Youth4Work, addressing a billion people search and Edtech market.

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