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“To maintain a Personal Assistant, first you need to be in a great position”, this is a old statement according to me.

Why I’m expressing like this because Inventions and Technology have became ease of handling the things I could clearly tell this without waiting as I came across an ad of Amazon Echo where the “Alexa”…..The AI is so updated you could just ask Amazon Echo what you want it will answer you.

In a busy and hectic days we do forget many things to remembers not only that but also for relaxation we need to have a little entertainment like music, news, latest informations and many more all this happens just by asking,it is an exceptional product from Amazon.

The ad really have a clear, understandable directions for the customers to follow, and also the choice of song in the ad and the performance of the actors is so eye pleasing you couldn’t shift your eyes while watching the ad.

"Go hands-free with the Amazon Echo Just Ask" - Amazon Echo India

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