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Y4W is an online govt. approved online preparation website where u can improve your professional profile as well as grow in your field by appearing for various prep tests and assessments. It plays a vital role in the empowerment of young people, equality, inclusion, partnership, voluntary participation, the involvement of young minds in decision making engineering. etc.
Its features include:-
It's an all in one platform for numerous Tech. / aptitude / marketing etc. and ample of fields i.e. its a collective expression for all the educational methods relating to youths which are yet not initialized as a professional person and taken responsibility of work by the parents nor by other relatives but by youth for work.
It helps u know about each and every institute, about any student or any post or any exam or any competitive paper etc. by asking ques. from the experts in their field.
No money, no monetary charges on anything, nothing! Just an account on ( log on here to make one ) and you are ready to avail infinite benefits from youth4work.
It also helps you apply to placements by just keeping your resume updated on the dashboard, notifies you about each interview drives, recruitment comp. or org. and helping u apply in any placements so that interview process can be carried out after resume and ur profile view by the recruiter/HR.
Also, it can let u you know about ratings, infrastructures, placements, students, work environment, surroundings etc by simply asking from students/faculties etc from the respective institution u are looking for!
Also, help an individual build his/her self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliability and self-motivation as it makes u compete for national level and never demotivates u
It helps u provide ample amount of opportunities to help u gain knowledge and develop new skills. U learn so much from youth4work as it builds a complete profile for u in this rapidly running professional world.
It offers you challenging tasks and helps u gain challenging experience that u didn't have experienced before. It helps u develop long-lasting skills and also do provide role models so that to always get motivated.
It teaches u life skills like leadership, teamwork, planning, communication, problem-solving, initiative, responsibility, sincere, formally smart and many more.
Youth4work has diversity in each field like recreation, sport, outdoor abroad opportunity, arts and culture, social action, volunteering, development, politics welfare, well being of oneself, IT, CS, SWE, ECE, Auto-mobile, Biotech all dep, name the field & its there!

I like all the features of y4w,

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