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Hi, Its good to connect with all of you personally through this blog. In my maiden blog post on Y4W, I would like to state the importance of discovering your inner strengths and talents. Often, many of us get pushed into a career or profession which we dont really like much but still do it for the sake of doing it. I have personally witnessed many of my friends who are good in one thing but pursue some other things like a good artist who really sketches well, but ultimately wastes his talent by becoming a computer engineer writing some obscure code about which he doesn39t really care about. Hence, its very important that we never let this hidden talent wean away. We must constantly keep rediscovering our inner strengths and keep polishing it. And this is where the platforms like Youth4Work helps us to pursue a project of our interest and letting the world know what we are really capable to do. And the best part above all is that you can do this from the comfort of your home, get recognized for it and also earn a few bucks. Follow what your heart desires, Then you shall shine like a brilliant sapphire Remember, quotIf you don39t act on life, life often acts on youquot Regards, Laxminarayan

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