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It was a sample written for a freelance opportunity. Top 5 qualities of high quality content Content is the invisible bond that intrigues the readers to explore any blog or website. Although it is true that anyone will visit a site ranked high in the google search engines, thanks to the techniques of Latent Semantic Indexing LSI and keyword density, whether that person stays on that particular page or not holds more to it than just better search engine ranks. So, what is it that makes any content high quality, and worth liking, sharing, commenting and engaging the audience The key is to appreciate and practice the most simplistic rules of content writing. 1. Originality Would you want to read the same story again and again You might, if you are absolutely in love with the story, but there is no denying to the fact that you will eventually get bored of that particular story and would crave for something new, even if itrsquos just a small twist. So, itrsquos really important to avoid duplicacy and bring forward original ideas. Even if you are writing about a fact, that for obvious reasons cannot be altered, you must find out ways to express it differently fresh examples or related images might work perfectly for instance. 2. Relevancy Secondly, your content needs to well researched and practical. In order to engage your audience, you need to make your content self-explanatory and intriguing. However, relevancy must be kept in mind at the same time because if your audience cannot rely on your content, then they might as well just ignore it 3. Appeal The quality of the content does not depend on writing just keyword based article for search engines but on using those keywords in the most appealing way so that your site ranks high and your readers can easily understand its content at the same. 4. Curation Well curated articles, i.e. well versed, grammatically correct, proofread and edited articles are a way to convey to your audiences that the writer actually knowledgeable and can be relied upon. 5. Format Proper formatting is often overlooked but plays an important role in content quality. The reason is very simple the moment your articlersquos content becomes too complex and the reader needs to work too hard to fit all the pieces together, you will lose him. However, as long as the content is easy to scan, read and grasp, your audience will stay engaged.

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