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Day spa - Temple for your mind and body When people think of a spa, the immediate picture that comes in their mind is them lsquorelaxingrsquo. A spa is nothing less than a temple for a personrsquos mind as well as body. It helps a person relax while getting personal-care treatments that are also beneficial for onersquos health and outer beauty. One can do simple exercises, lose weight, eat well, detox and simply relax at the end of the day. A day spa indeed is the best place to reconnect with your friends and spend some quality-time with your loved ones. Hard- to- resist facilities It is true that you can get a beauty treatment just right at a salon, but spas were created to offer much more than that. In addition to onersquos treatment, the spas let a person indulge into an utterly de-stressing experience. The facilities include sauna, steam room, massages, beauty treatments, yoga, life coaching etc. that are plain hard to resist, especially when you are looking to spend some quality alone time. Get the most out of a spa In the recent times, it doesnrsquot matter where you turn your head, you will definitely find a gorgeously tanned person in your vision. Do all these people get the time to go to the beach and carelessly bask in the sun While some people definitely do, but knowing that direct sunlight can be really very bad for the skin, more and more people are turning towards the spas to get a spray tan . The process is also extremely simple, easy and completes in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is just visit the salon, go to the tanning booth and get the fine mist sprayed all over your body and get the exactly similar result without having to expose yourself to the harmful UV rays. Reverse your age While it is not practically possible to reverse someonersquos age, it is definitely possible to hinder the process to give you a more vibrant and younger look. The anti-aging therapy used in the spas is done through the red light body treatment, in which the body is exposed to infrared rays and claims to heal the body from inside, treat age spots, blemishes, acne and sun damage, and delay the aging process. In addition to this, infrared rays also soothe any kind of body pain that one might be experiencing.

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