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Stained and polished Concrete floors- Bid goodbye to mess once and for all When you think of a great interior design what do you think would consist of the major aspects of the theme around which the whole design revolves Well, if you ask an expert interior designer or architect, he would tell you that the flooring of a house or any building for that matter acts as the main functional and central theme around which the rest of the design is planned out. So, the floors have to be beautiful and practical at the same time as they personify the entire space. For instance, if you go out looking for a new house, you might not notice but the kind of flooring it has will greatly affect your decision subconsciously as it can either add a sense of elegance to the space or nullify all the charm if it is not well maintained. No doubt, there is a huge range of flooring options but in the end you have to settle for just one, and that option should be beautiful, cost-effective, elegant and easy to maintain, right Keeping all this in mind, stained concrete floors can be the best option. Stained concrete floors When you go out exploring your floor options, it might be difficult to find stained concrete as it is, but then again, every situation has a loophole. You can install concrete floors and then opt for concrete staining . The perks, you ask Stained concrete adds a luxurious charm to the space along with beauty, elegance and the added benefit of low maintenance. Concrete staining is mainly of two categories- water staining and acid staining, out of which acid staining concrete is the most widely chosen option. Acid stained concrete floors add a subtle drama to the surface and free you from the constant worry about the floor peeling or fading away. The acid stained concrete will remain as good as new even after years. However, you might want to consider polishing it from time to time. Polished concrete floors enhance the hardness, density and charming appearance of the acid stain concrete . And, the best part is that they require much less attention in terms of cleanliness just one swipe with plain water and you wonrsquot find even a trace of dirt on the surface of your polished concrete . The only thing left behind would be a hazy and luminous film of the luxurious acid stained concrete floor .

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