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Review written for a client Best Eyelash Growth Serum You must have heard the very old saying, lsquoEyes are the windows to a personrsquos soulrsquo. You can look at a personrsquos eyes and can tell how he/ she is feeling. All over the world, women tend to use of all kind of make-up, starting from mascara, eye liner, eye- shadow and false eyelashes to enhance the beauty of their eyes. According to lsquothe cultural encyclopedia of the human facersquo, eyelashes are considered to be the sign of femininity and youth. Wondering what makes this fact true Let me explain, lashes are considered as a sign of femininity because women tend to use their lashes and eyes to express their feelings towards other persons much more than men do. You must have seen girls and women batting their lashes, but have you ever seen a man doing the same In the same way, longer and thicker the lashes, the more attractive and young your eyes look. You must have seen how the most attractive women always have long and thick eyelashes. Most of them however wear false eyelashes but then there are some lucky ones who have naturally long and thick eyelashes, but guess what Now, there are so many products available in the market that are really good for your eyelashesrsquo, both in terms of promoting new ones as well as length. Now, letrsquos take a look at some of the best Eyelash Growth Serums available in the market DHC Eyelash Tonic 0.21fl.oz./6.5ml of DHC Eyelash tonic is available for 16, and is definitely worth the price. It comes with a fiber brush applicator that picks up just enough product so as to apply a thin coat and make it thicker if you want. It can also be used as a thin base underneath the mascara and works really well for holding the curls. Just make sure that you let it dry first before applying the mascara. The formula used is good enough to promote new lash growth as well to increase length over due course of time. L39Oreal Lash Boosting Serum 5.5 ml of LrsquoOreal Lash Boosting Serum comes at a price of 14. It is a little pricey but is really worth it. You will definitely see a noticeable difference on applying it as per the directions, i.e. twice a day once in the morning and at night. This serum really works like magic, but you do have to give it some time, say at least 2 or 3 months to see the results. It is good for even those with sensitive skin as it does not cause any irritation. Your lashes are bound to look positively lush as it not only thickens them but also promotes their growth. You will never have to apply fake eyelashes again because your real one will be that good. It is also good for holding up your curls throughout the day. It is must have product in your make-up kit. Talika Lipocils Eyebrow Conditioning Gel This new Gel by lsquoTalikarsquo is more like the lsquoexpert and betterrsquo version of their previous product. Its formula beats all other products that stand in its competition. It increases the lash curve and intensifies the lash color by up to 50 and at the same time promotes lash growth by up to 36. The serum is not at all greasy and acts as a perfect base underneath mascara. It also helps in strengthening the roots so that your lashes donrsquot fall out every time you remove make-up. 1 bottle is available for 40 and lasts for about 7 to 8 months. Christian Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum Christian Diorrsquos Lash Pumping serum is the best primer available in market in todayrsquos market. It helps make your lashes thicker, sparse, longer and fuller. The reason that most users absolutely love this serum is that it does not rum or smear on the bottom of your lashes but actually locks in the mascara throughout the day. By using it regularly, you will notice that your lashes will become much healthier than ever before and there will be lesser falling out. A 10 ml or 3.3 oz of this amazing lash pumping serum is available at a price of 36 in the market. Givenchy Mister Lash Booster Givenchyrsquos new lash booster serum can be used both as a fortifying serum as well as primes if you want. It holds up the promises made by the company. It does improve your lashes growth and thickness with time, and you can notice the difference within the first 2 months of application. It works like a transparent mascara that gives your lashes a more beautiful finishing touch. Also, you will find your lashes becoming much curlier with more lush. A 0.05 oz of this product is available at a price of 30.

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