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Web-content wriiten for a client Why do we need of a good security measure With ever increasing crimes such as lsquoATM Malwarersquo, lsquoJackpottingrsquo, lsquoCash outrsquo, lsquoReverse PIN scamrsquo etc. to name a few, and your innocent customers falling prey to well-organized groups and gangs of criminals who use progressively sophisticated softwares and techniques in order to tamper with the security of the ATM services, you need to adopt a well-planned and much advanced ATM security system that can prevent fraudulent transactions and also protect your customerrsquos personal account details and passwords. Simply put, an attack on your customer is directly proportional to an attack on your banking business, which can not only lead to huge money-loss but also severely damage your hard earned reputation. Impact of a good ATM security system However, according to a survey report, ATM security has been improved to a much greater extent now. The advanced ATM security softwares such as lsquoATM ilockrsquo have been successful in a lsquo42rsquo overall drop in fraud attacks related to ATMs. The detailed report verifies that the lsquocard skimmingrsquo incidents have been reduced by 21, the lsquocard trappingrsquo incidents fell by up to 49, lsquocash trappingrsquo attacks have been decreased up to 52, and the lsquotransaction reversal fraudrsquo attacks have been reduced up to an amount of 96. What is ATM ilock Our product is lsquofraud prevention softwarersquo for ATM. ATM iLock is special purpose image analysis software that can detect ATM camera tampering attempts like blocking or spray-painting. When the user of an ATM blocks his image for camera capture, ATM iLock shall enable the ATM capable of aborting the transaction. It also allows real time monitoring, image and video recording and is integrated with several sensors and alert systems. ATM iLock is a Windows O/S application that interacts with the file system and the communication system. It does not interact directly with the ATM financial application or the host system. It achieves the protection of the ATM by Closing and Opening the communication link when it analyses the image. Why us ATM ilock is a perfect combination of intelligent and innovative ATM security technology that lets you focus on your work better and provides better security and safety to the mini banks called ATMs. The advanced monitoring system reduces the risk of fraud and protects your property from unwanted wreck and vandalism. With years of experience and innovation, ATM ilock protects over 400 million users worldwide and has won several awards prizes. You can put your faith in ATM ilock with closed eyes. Functions ATM ilock is a full package solution that ensures full safety as well as security of your mini banks and self service devices. The advanced and updated security software and technology covers everything necessary for a fully secured solution. middot It protects both customer end-points as well as bank servers. middot It offers essential security or threat consultancy services. middot It keeps pace and is well updated with the new emerging threats. middot Its advanced technology overcomes the complex security loopholes and vulnerabilities. Security advantages Real-time fraud monitoring ATM ilock uses advanced and innovative image analysis software and assists sophisticated BPM, lsquoBehavioral profile modelsrsquo to constantly monitor the networks. ATM ilock captures, identifies and immediately responds to any possible fraudulent activities. How does it work middot The monitoring of all the devices and events in one network can be done in one window. middot A configurable and detailed system notification of all the events is provided. middot The monitoring devices can be divided into groups as per your convenience, viz. Bank-division, city division, region or country division etc. middot The network-connection status to the ATM server can be checked at any time. middot The disk space status can be checked at any time. Images and Video ATM ilock records each and every event in the zone where it is installed and allows the user to observe all these events in real-time. A flexible and convenient transaction-search option is also present in the system to help you find any snapshot or video among the archived as well as non-archived files. The system includes middot Snapshots of the transaction middot Video capturing middot Video recordings and images triggered by the sensors middot Pre-event video recording middot Post-event video recording middot Camera tampering deduction middot Live video middot Images and video download on-demand middot IP camera support How does it work Oslash ATM ilock monitors a folder on the ATM for new image files, adjustable by users. Oslash Analyses the image file when it is created by camera software Oslash Send a TCP message or an email Sensors and Alert system A notification is sent instantly to the cellular device or e-mail of the concerned person whenever a suspicious activity is detected. It includes middot Real time swift alert system and sensors middot A package of all types of sensors viz. shock, gas, tilt, temperature etc middot Anti- skimming devices middot Instant notification on cellular devices middot Alarms on tampering the camera middot Alarms on disconnection with camera Remote System Management Remote software updates Remote File Management Remote camera configuration Secured data transmission Task scheduling middot Media files can be downloaded according to the schedule from various terminals middot Media files can be archived accordingly middot Adjustable camera settings are available and can be set on day or night mode as per your requirement and convenience Other advantages middot Capture and return of the black-listed cards middot Instant notification via message or e-mail middot Convenient snapshot and video search for transactions by event or date middot Adjustable user settings middot User right administration middot Full integration with the ATM software middot Card number masking middot Generation of accurate and detailed reports Banking Benefits ATM ilockrsquos fraud prevention software not only helps you fight with the ever increasing ATM crimes, but also helps you build a better relation with your customers by assuring them that you are truly committed to them, and provide only the best and most secured services. With a strong and reliable security system, ATM ilock delivers you maximum protection that you deserve and desire for. It not only helps you save money by preventing unwanted and expensive security-incidents, but also preserves your hard-earned business reputation and retains your customers by augmenting lsquocustomer satisfactionrsquo and lsquoloyaltyrsquo.

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