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Hey man, what is it that’s troubling you? You live in abundance but still you are unhappy. Why? Can you live blissfully in today’s materialistic world with varied attractions which tempt you to sinful pleasures, possessions beyond your needs? Greed for more…………..more toys, more power, more success and more sex…..all things tangible which give you sensual pleasure. A common man is caught up in this rat race for more. More is becoming less. So the race continues. Expectations soar. When these are not met, discontentment sets in and unhappiness follows. Irritation and sadness over a period of time leads to violent behaviour and depression. Look around, so many of our dear ones are trapped in this vicious cycle of more. They are entangled in this greed web at different levels, struggling hard to free themselves. Some go to temples and mosques to have some peace and happiness. These holy places do provide peace temporarily but once back to the routine, the tug of war in the mind resumes. These conflicts slowly consume them, zapping their mental, physical and spiritual energy. This gives rise to power struggle. They manipulate, scheme and connive to gain energy from people around them. This results in the breaking down of relationships. Sincerity, integrity and trust are challenged today even in the most intimate and purest of relationships, between husband- wife, mother-daughter and brother-sister. Lack of love, trust and respect (which till recently were the foundation of a good relationship) has led to confusion and chaos in human species. Value system is being distorted to suit one’s own whims and fancies. Innocence is raped under the garb of worldly wisdom. Where are you going man? Wake up and shake yourself. Try to disentangle from this world wide greed web (in short wwgw). Meditate and look within, you have the resources and the power to be happy, you just need to awaken it. It might take you weeks, months, years and sometimes a few lifetimes depending on which energy level in the wwgw you are vibrating. But don’t give up. Once you experience the positive, universal energy flowing in you, you are in a blissful state. This is Happiness-eternal happiness. Once your soul is happy and contented, trust me, less will become more. Leena

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