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Amit’s eyes were hooked onto some invisible spot in the oblivion. Unusually his hands were cold and sweaty. Finally after thinking for hours and staring at that bland screensaver for ages, he made up his mind. He opened the HR portal and searched for “steps to follow for resignation”

Mr. Mehta, the general manager at ABC Ltd, immediate supervisor of Amit, screamed in disbelief, “Amit, I want you in my cabin in a minute!” Amit was one of the probable candidates for “the rising new-joinee award” So getting a mail from HR suggesting that Amit has initiated resignation was more like a minor heart-attack for Mr. Mehta.

His heart beats paced at a speed nearly giving nightmares to Alonso and Hamilton. He knew what stood ahead inside that cabin room. With crawling steps and racing heart Amit walked his way inside the cabin.

“Will you please explain to me Mr. Amit Karandikar, what has just happened?” Mr Mehta was literally boiling with anger as he said this.
“What happened sir?” trembled Amit as he asked.

“I just received a mail from HR department that you have submitted your resignation. Is this some stupid prank? If it is, these soundproof walls might just crack with the grilling that will follow.”

Somehow that was it. Was it the trigger Amit needed or did some super-courageous soul just entered Amit’s mind, no one knows. Amit came closer to the table, asked Mr. Mehta to sit and began speaking,

“These trees outside those walls.. they tease me sir. That breeze as it keeps circling our glass walls, it taunts me.. it says you seem to be a caged animal, wasting you irreversible time crunching artificial riddles, when the real ones lie outside.
At times, when I am late to the office, its not because I reach late.. But it is because I spend time watching those ripples carelessly hop all over each other in the lake backside.

I know as I speak this you are thinking “Did I really recruit him? Look at the crap that he is talking! Oh God! And I had nominated him for this award!”
It just makes me laugh more at myself as to how I camouflaged myself perfectly to adjust to this superficial dry corporate life.

These threads, they needed to be cut to make it possible for me to look ahead. I am a free spirit sir, no cage is big enough to hold me. If there is something of highest importance to me, I have realized it is FREEDOM.
I promise you sir, you won’t have to bother about me. I will find my way. I will fall, get hurt, get stuck, struggle but eventually I will find it, because for me the happiness lies in this journey and not the destination. So I will keep travelling, keep wandering, keep living and keep experiencing and will surely meet you someday to have a discussion about life and its transience over a cup of coffee at some old cafe which I could afford then(smiles) . Hope you won’t mind sir?”

Mr Mehta smiles. Speechless and spellbound, he leaves the room saying “I am waiting for that cafe meet..”

I know you felt connected to it, you felt a part of you always wanted to do this, you felt you had the guts Amit had. But you know what folks, you have those guts, I tell you. Its just that one brave step that is stopping you. So as Amit said, cut those threads so that you can look ahead with conviction, with entirety, with peace… Because even after starting at the age of 62, something as big as the KFC can be created.

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