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Network Management Devices:-
• Wireless:-Configuring and managing.
• Ruckus Zone director 3000, series, 1200 series, 1100 series.
• Cisco Wireless Controller 2500 series.
• All the wireless Access point and devices.
• Firewall-:- Cisco ASA 5545.
• Internet and Proxy Gateway appliance: - -Websense V5000.
• Email Security:-Ironport C-170.
• Juniper Switch: Ex3200 L3 Switch.
• Router :-3900 series, 3800 series,2900 series, 1800 series, 2520 series,2511series
• Switch:-3750 X series, 3550 series, 3560 series, 4503 series,2960, series,2960 series, SG 300 series.
• Nortel Layer 2/Layer 3 switch
• Installation and configuration of All network Appliance as per required.
• Implemented Content filtering, Load Balancing, Polices for user profiles to access network resources through web sense Proxy firewall, Ironport and all security appliance.
• Administrating and troubleshooting the LAN, WAN connection in the network.
• Time to time all network devices software version upgradation.
• Technical Support call providing for People using Network Wireless and wired.
• Supporting On call VPN roaming users.
• All appliance Technical issue resolving with vender coordination.
• All network devices taking backup and restoring daily, weekly and monthly.
• All network devices monitoring debugging and logs maintaining.
• All ISP link monitoring troubleshooting vendor coordination.
• Investigating of all users’ activity such website access bandwidth consuming etc.
• Making all kind of network reports.
• Resolving issue of all user on SLA based.

Network Management Tools: - Monitoring and managing Opp Manager, WhatsApp gold, Solar wind Prtg Traffic Graper, Monitoring Bandwidth, Interface, Network ,CPU, RAM, Hard Disk utilizations & Network Performance.
ISP Links: - MPLS Links:-Monitoring first level troubleshooting and ISP vender coordination. Internet Links Monitoring first level troubleshooting and ISP vender coordination.
P2P Links: - Monitoring first level troubleshooting and ISP vender coordination

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