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We have various modest goals and first always look in to the ideas competition to design the any part or structure of the future or existing one. All we wanted to get prepare is stick on to the tight deadline--the discipline and structure that comes with a competition--to organize our ideas about the future ofpart or structure.We should begin with various question and doubts in our mind. Many question will arise saying that is this part essentially to be designed How people want to see this part or structure In future does any development seen to this structure or part What impact will technology have on design and engineering But we should also think about the risk against the work. The next part is to calculate the perfect time for the completion of this project and also think about the uneven situations and also various things about the independent factors.With no clear vision of what could happen, we should not move in to the project further.If we were going to enter this competition, our vision is to win anyway. My suggestion is to always be clear with this words and accelerate to the destination.

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